So the story goes like this, I was sitting in a pub in Portland, OR with my family drinking some mighty tasty beer. I was drinking a lager from HUB (not anywhere near as good as their IPA). My brother and mother were drinking tasters of every single beer the pub had on tap. My husband was drinking an ESB (he always drinks an ESB). I have no idea what my father drank because his selections are usually nothing of interest. While we sipped our beers I looked over a free publication about breweries in the Northwest. There was a column written by a sarcastic, opinionated woman. All she did was bitch about people that don’t like the same beer that she does. That’s when I said, “That’s what I want do when I grow up.”

My brother was quick to tell me that my ambition was stupid. Everyone else just ignored me because, well, it’s usually best to ignore the words that come out of my mouth. Then I said, “I know, I’m going to blog about beer and brewing! That sounds like fun!”  I sounded like a child. My brother looked at me with an unimpressed look on his face and said, “Don’t be an idiot.”  Yes, I’m an idiot. I am going to blog about beer, raising children, and how the two mesh well together with some self-control and a daily trip to the gym.

Tonight I’m brewing my staple Northwest Pale Ale. It has a simple grain bill (2-row, 40L, and 60L), but includes some melanoidin to give it a hint of interest.  As for hops: Bravo, Cascade and Willamette. It’s a good, solid beer that’s easy to drink. At 6.1% alcohol it’s just over a session brew, but I like that extra kick. Tonight I ran out of Cascade. This is disappointing. I went through a pound of Cascade in just over two months. I think it’s time to fall in love with a new hop. I obviously overuse Cascade.

I did a load of laundry, put those rubber finger nail thingies on my cat so she’ll quit climbing the curtains,  cleaned messy carboys,  tucked my kids into bed and organized the laundry room.  Brewing is productive.